Guided Tour

Discover the most beautiful and important sites of city on this tour while learning about its history and secrets. In our 2 hours guided tour, you will travel through the city on our electric mini scooters which are easy to use and will follow the cycle lanes and paths. We offer this tour in both Spanish and English and our guides will explain the history of the city and its monuments as you travel through Seville.

This tour starts at our shop on Calle Almirantazgo 8 and is available 2 times a day, at the following times:

  • - 10:00
  • - 17:00

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The sites that you will learn about and visit can be seen on our map below:

Our mini scooters are 100% electric and easy to control. Before every tour we give a quick briefing on safety and how to control the mini scooters. This is mainly for your protection and to ensure you have a safe yet enjoyable tour.

While we trust our customers will be cautious and ride the scooters safely, accidents may occasionally happen. For this reason you can pay a non-refundable insurance of 3 euros per scooter, which covers the cost of damages (if any occur). However, if you do not take the insurance and something happens to the scooter, we will charge you for the cost of repairs.